Cooking With Love

During my single days, there was one place in our house that you’ll never find me in – the kitchen. I loved the dining place but not the kitchen. I loved food but not the preparation. I loved to eat but not to cook. And yes, not even the cleaning up. Despite all these, I am very good in cooking rice even without a rice cooker (wink wink).

When I got engaged with my husband whose Mom happens to be a superb cook, I remember my own mother warning Vincent about my weakness. But praise God, Vincent was kind enough to still accept me for who I am and marry me anyway. Haha! Continue reading


New Year. New Opportunities. 

leyson Christmas

Today, January 16, 2019, I turn 33 years old. It is truly a new year for me. I believe the Lord has also prepared new opportunities for me. New opportunities to be used by God and to glorify Him. And this first blog for 2019 is one of the opportunities that God has given me and my family to serve Him. Continue reading


Away From Home

Been away from home for two nights for a training in Manila. This is my first. Though I am thankful for the privilege entrusted to me by the company, as a mother, the privilege also comes with a sacrifice. It is no joke to consciously try not to think of home – husband and kids so that you could be your best of self during working hours because you know that privilege given by the company comes with responsibility. Nevertheless, the struggle is real.

Continue reading